The decayed and hurting teeth are supplied by aesthetically pleasing fillings or if necessary, gentle root treatment. We use a special anesthetic device in our clinic to ensure that you do not suffer any inconvenience during dental treatment.


At The Volom Dental Aesthetic and General Dentistry we aim to
maintain and improve the oral health of all our patients
ensuring comfort and good long-term dental health. Also a long-
term success of our work can be guaranteed by a good oral
hygiene. We offer a preventative and dental hygiene treatments
catering for patients of all ages.


Our specialists in dental prostheses prepare natural,
comfortable and durable prostheses. You can have the feeling
you have got back your own teeth. This enables a new
technology the BPS – biofunctional prosthesis.


The replacement of the lost tooth is necessary as soon as possible, and in many cases the best way to replace the tooth is the implantation. Our clinic is also prepared for complex dental problems such as dental osteoplasty, surgical tooth removal, or root tip resection. Our dentists make sure that you enjoy your treatment completely painless in a relaxed atmosphere. .


Aesthetic dentistry is not a separate branch of dentistry, it means a
different approach: it focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth, gums,
mouth and smile. The goal is to create a natural, harmonious smile both in colour and
anatomic structures. This requires more commitment of time,
special techniques, outstanding skills and premium materials. Our
specialists make perfect smiles both in aesthetics and function.


Our clinic has developed a successful procedure for restoring moving teeth and stopping the gingival disease. Periodontal desease affects 80% or more of the population. The cause is mainly inadequate oral hygiene, and the consequence is loosening of the teeth and, in the worst case, loss of teeth.


In our clinic we also perform orthodontics for children and adults. With the help of modern and gentle treatments, we arrange the teeth in the most favorable position and create a harmonious smile and face esthetics.


For us, prevention is the most important part of childcare.  We provide tooth care advise, we strengthen the teeth by fluoridation, and perform fissure sealing to protect the remaining teeth. Our  early myofunctional orthodontic service is very popular. Our colleagues also provide a lot of patience and empathy with children, and the decayed or injured teeth.


Many of us have problems with tooth squeezing, as well as nighttime teething and snoring. We offer effective and drug-free treatments for these.


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9.00-20.00

We are closed on weekends. 

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+36 1 214 3551 / +36 30 530 2606

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